We continue to refine how we tell our story based on feedback from experts, newly released research, and as we expand our audience from policy wonks and scientist geeks to broader audiences. The brief presentations below describe the central elements of this issue along with statistics.  Our intent is for each to be understandable and engaging for all audiences.

Our Early History

Our efforts in Creating Ecosystems that Inspire, Enable and Sustain Healthy Lifestyle were inspired by our earlier efforts to advocate for Universal Access to Health Promotion. Our white paper and a video recording of our forum on this topic are below.

In addition to improving health, quality of life and reducing medical costs,

we intend to stimulate more than $1 billion annually in economic growth for Colorado — resulting in tens of millions in state income tax revenue.

Preventive health is my lifelong passion and purpose. Colorado is our beautiful, chosen home, where we enjoy all aspects of healthy lifestyles. The possibilities here are endless — to combine our resources, create new opportunities, and influence sustainable change. Let’s see what we can do…together. ”

Molly Kemmer
Vice President, Client Success
EHE Health


We can be the healthiest state.