Nearly 80% of deaths from diabetes, cancer and heart disease are linked to modifiable lifestyle choices. Using medical treatment to treat these diseases is rarely effective and is financially unsustainable for families, employers or governments.

The trend can be reversed — saving millions of lives and dollars — by deploying proven, evidence-based, cost-effective, prevention and lifestyle-change strategies. We are mobilizing the expertise, influence, social demand and financial resources to develop ecosystems that inspire people to practice healthy lifestyle as the norm.


Our vision

For healthy lifestyles to be the norm for every child in Colorado — and for every parent, brother, sister, aunt and uncle, grandparent, neighbor and friend — so they can live their best lives.


Our mision

To mobilize the financial, social, intellectual and policy resources necessary to create ecosystems that inspire, enable and sustain healthy lifestyles in all spheres.


Our strategy

To engage employers, foundations, healthcare organizations — and state and local governments — to create a Mobilizing Organization to assemble available resources.

In addition to improving health, quality of life and reducing medical costs,

our approach has the potential to stimulate economic growth for Colorado — creating new jobs and increasing state income tax revenue.

Defining the Landscape

These brief, narrated presentations describe the central elements of how lifestyles impact health.

Three factors are critical to success in our approach:  Therapeutic dose of evidence based strategies; Fiscal sustainability; and, Scalable to solve state and national level problems.”

Michael P. O’Donnell, MBA, MPH, PhD
CEO, Art & Science of Health Promotion Institute


We can be the healthiest state.